For Healing Souls

About the project

The For Healing Souls project aims to strengthen the support network for children and young people up to the age of 18 in the prevention of mental illness. Its purpose is to provide schools and educators with assistance in dealing with situations related to students' substandard behaviour.

This support is provided by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, consisting of a social worker, a special educator, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a therapist, a family counsellor and a nurse, who, by observing pupils in the school environment, are able to identify the causes of the problems and set up steps to improve the situation.

Collaboration with schools

The work of the multidisciplinary team is always focused on the case of a particular pupil.

1. Observation of the pupil

A team of experts observes a pupil in detail during lessons across different subjects and gets input from teachers.

3. Next procedure

In a joint meeting with the child, the parents and the teacher, the team of professionals will propose a plan for dealing with the situation.

2. Evaluation

Based on the observations, the experts analyze the student's situational behavior and the triggering mechanisms of his problem behavior.

4. Evaluation

Experts oversee the implementation of the plan, monitor the student's progress, adjust next steps if necessary and consult the results with teachers.

Benefits to schools

Mutual cooperation offers schools support in several areas.

Problem situations

Professional support for teachers in dealing with problem situations

Pupil behaviour

Elimination of substandard or disruptive behaviour of pupils in school

School relations

Fostering healthy bonds between students across grades, their parents and the school

School environment

Improving the school climate and creating a safe learning environment

In addition to these benefits, schools can also benefit from the experience of the multidisciplinary teams of the Norwegian partner (Nordland County Council), who will share their knowledge of providing professional services for the prevention of mental health problems in Norwegian schools in online meetings.

Alongside this, school educators can also benefit from educational video spots made with clients/family members by DIPEX methodology (Oxford University), which summarise their experiences of dealing with similar situations.

These interviews will be available on the portal:  Link

Project outputs

In addition to the above-mentioned activities of the multidisciplinary team of experts in schools, the project will also include 6 seminars for school representatives, 6 talks for the public and parents and a total of 2 conferences.

All of these events will focus on the topic of mental health and its prevention. The experience of the project will be summarised in a Handbook describing the institutional arrangements for multidisciplinary cooperation processes in schools.

Project financian

The project is financed by the EEA Grants 2014-2021 under the Health Programme and its implementation will take place from 1.3.2021 to 29.2.2024 (36 months).

In cooperation with partners